A selection from the collection of art pottery including pieces by, clockwise from left, John Maltby, Peter Hayes, Maltby again, John Leach, Robin Welch and Derek Clarkson.

Art pottery collected over 30 years by Staffordshire lady goes to auction in Lichfield

ART pottery by some of the UK’s most renowned artists, lovingly accumulated over 30 years by a Staffordshire woman, is coming to auction in Lichfield.

More than 40 pieces of mid and late-20th century ceramics plus a number of paintings are expected to total in excess of £4,000 under the hammer with Richard Winterton Auctioneers on Monday, July 22.

The sale takes place at The Lichfield Auction Centre, Wood End Lane, Fradley Park, starting at 9.30am.

The collection was put together by a Staffordshire woman over the past 30 years.

Her first piece was a pot by John Maltby bought from a gallery in Tutbury and the collector – who asked to remain anonymous – went on to accumulate ceramics from all around the country whilst on holidays with her husband.

“Collecting pottery over the years has been a passion of mine which I’ve really enjoyed,” she said.

“It was a passion discovering different potters like David Leach in Devon.

“John Maltby especially is a favourite – watching the journey of how his pottery has changed over the years, from his early pieces where he was initially inspired by Alfred Wallis’ naïve Cornish art through his different periods and his impressive versatility.

“Lowry’s paintings have also inspired me – not only in my collection of paintings but also in the types of pots I collected.

“I’ve enjoyed the journey but it is time to move on.”

Decorative arts valuer David Fergus with a Martin McWilliam illusion bowl and a John D Wilson picture.
Decorative arts valuer David Fergus with a Martin McWilliam illusion bowl and a John D Wilson picture.

The collection of around 46 pieces is catalogued across 40 lots and includes pottery by John Maltby, Derek Clarkson, David Leach (son of Bernard Leach), Janet Darnell Leach (Bernard Leach’s wife), Derek Emms, Robin Welch, Peter Hayes, Chris Carter, David Frith, Rob Whelpton, Tony Laverick, John Stroomer, Simon Frank Rich, Richard St John Heeley and Michel Wojtowicz.

Highlights include two John Maltby sculptures – ‘Wise King’, estimated at £600 to £700, and ‘Bird and Rock’, estimated at £300 to £400 – and there are also Maltby cups, dishes, bowls and vases along with wooden wall hangings.

There is also a teapot, cups and saucers by Derek Emms.

The collection also features 16 pictures ranging from naïve maritime works and a number of contemporary originals including two art gallery scenes by John D Wilson and a limited edition LS Lowry print of – appropriately enough – ‘The Auction’.

‘Bird and Rock’ by John Maltby.
‘Bird and Rock’ by John Maltby.

David Fergus, decorative arts valuer for Richard Winterton Auctioneers, said: “This impressive collection of mid and late-20th century pottery and ceramics has an emphasis on John Maltby.

“There are a lovely array of a wide range of textures and styles from Cornish Leach-inspired pottery to crystalline glazes which refer back to some of the glazes used by Ruskin.

“Together with the pictures, this is a joyful collection which has clearly been put together with much thought, passion for the subject and love for beautiful works of art.”

‘Wise King’ by John Maltby.
‘Wise King’ by John Maltby.

The catalogue for the July 22 auction can be viewed a week before the sale via www.richardwinterton.co.uk/auction-dates.

Viewing in person takes place by appointment on Friday, July 19, and on sale day people can bid online, in the room or by prior arranged telephone bid.

To arrange viewing or to book a free valuation of any type of item, call 01543 251081 or email office@richardwinterton.co.uk.

Home visits for large collections and house clearance quotations are also available.

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