A 2018 Krugerrand, sold for £3,200.

Where to get coins and banknotes valued in Lichfield this August

COINS and banknotes specialist Phil bridge will be offering free valuations and advice at The Lichfield Auction Centre this August.

Phil, who has a wealth of experience in the field of numismatics, will be with Richard Winterton Auctioneers at Wood End Lane, Fradley Park, by appointment from 9am-12.30pm on Thursdays August 10 and 31.

Earlier this month, a single-owner collection of coins went under the hammer for a total of £79,280.

Highlights included a Hattons of London Concorde gold proof coin set (sold £4,800), a boxed Hattons 2019 Queen Victoria 200th anniversary 24ct gold proof set (sold £3,400) and a boxed 2018 South African Mint Krugerrand (sold £3,200), pictured at top of page.

This five gold coin set commemorating Concorde sold for £4,800.
This gold coin set commemorating Concorde sold for £4,800.

The market for antique coins remains strong but all types can find a good price under the hammer, from collections of mixed 20th century British coins to international money, collectable banknotes, gold sovereigns and silver coinage.

As well as those made from precious metals with high bullion value in addition to their artistic merit, there are also many key coins highly sought after by collectors which didn’t start out as a big denomination pieces.

“Any coin can be mis-struck and consequently worth massive amounts compared to its face value,” said Phil.

“Some of the rarest 2p coins are a small number from 1983 accidentally minted with the words ‘New Pence’ instead of ‘Two Pence’ when the reverse die was mixed up – find one of these and you could be up to a £1,000 richer.”

Sold for £3,400, a boxed 2019 Queen Victoria 200th anniversary coin set by Hattons of London.
Sold for £3,400, a boxed 2019 Queen Victoria 200th anniversary 24ct gold proof coin set by Hattons of London.

August 10 also sees a specialist in British medals from WW1 and WW2 visit Lichfield to offer free valuations and advice.

Jeff Clark has been involved in the field of militaria for 20 years and hopes to uncover more inspiring stories at the valuation day at The Lichfield Auction Centre.

Appointments with Jeff may be arranged between 9am and 4pm.

To book valuation appointments, telephone 01543 251081 or email office@richardwinterton.co.uk. Free home visits are also available for large collections.

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