When ITV Dickinson’s Real Deal will show Lichfield auctions

TRANSMISSION dates have now been revealed for Series 14 programmes of Dickinson’s Real Deal filmed in Lichfield.

The Duke and his camera crew pay regular visits to The Lichfield Auction Centre at Fradley Park.

An episode featuring dealers Henry Nicholls, Fay Rutter, Stewart Hofgartner and David Hakeney at Warwick with the auction segment at Lichfield's Richard Winterton Auctioneers will screen at 2pm on Monday, November 11, on ITV1.

Another episode featuring Karen Dalmeny, Aidan Pass, Simon Schneider and Fay Rutter at Walsall with Richard auctioneering will air on Thursday, November 14, also at 2pm on ITV1.

Dickinson's Real Deal is currently one of the most popular daytime shows on ITV and is regularly watched by over a million people.

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