Top treasures in jewellery auction

OUR forthcoming Fine and Decorative Arts Sale on Wednesday, June 19, is chock-full of beautiful treasures, writes Heather Callaway.

Three lots have captured my special attention the most…

Lot 23: A captivating carved coral bangle

A Victorian bangle centring on the Greek Goddess of Harvest – Demeter. Held and protected between two fearsome looking Chimeras. All exquisitely carved, and articulated and backed to gold fittings. Forming a dainty, wearable beautiful bangle. Est: £400 – £600 plus Buyer's Premium

Lot 32: A pair of carved jade ear pendants

I’m not alone with a love affair for jade. Dating back to Neolithic times, jade has been treasured and adored. We have a stunning pair of early 20th century intricately carved pear shape drops, enchanting swirls of floral and foliate design. A must-have addition for any ladies jewellery collection. Est: £100 – £150 plus Buyer's Premium

Lot 15: An impressive large diamond ring


Centring on a Transitional cut diamond of an estimated weight 2.65ct. The history and journey of diamond cuts is truly fascinating. The Transitional cut diamond is exactly as its name dictates. Falling in between, or the ‘transitional’ period of the Old European cut diamond  to the evolution of the Modern Round Brilliant cut that we see today. One of a kind, discernible from its predecessor by the wider range of facet proportions and smaller culet. Here we have fine example of the Transitional Cut, exemplifying a fine clarity grade VVS2-VS1. Est: £10,000 – £12,000 plus Buyer's Premium


So there is something for everyone – from organic gemstones demonstrating the true craftmanship of hand carving right through to tantalising big diamonds!

Richard Winterton's Fine & Decorative Arts Sale is on Wednesday, June 19 from 10am.

Viewing takes place on Saturday, June 15 9.30am-12 noon; Monday, June 17 and Tuesday June 18 from 9am-4pm and on the morning of sale from 8.30am.

Click here for links to the catalogue and online auction platforms.

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