Auctioneer Richard Winterton with some of a coin collection which totalled £16,910 at auction on February 5.

Tamworth coin collection totals £16,910 at Lichfield auction

A COIN collection has achieved a golden price at auction in Lichfield.

Including 22ct gold full and half sovereigns, rare 50p pieces, silver proof coins and commemorative sets, the collection totalled £16,910 with Richard Winterton at The Lichfield Auction Centre today (Monday, February 5).

“Coins are fascinating and a hot collecting market,” said auctioneer Richard Winterton.

“Sovereigns for example are certainly not just for gold bullion – many have historical or artistic appeal which can elevate them way above purely the precious metal value.”

Gold sovereigns bear mint marks – a single letter – which distinguishes coins manufactured in London to ones minted in other countries.

These mints were overseas branches of the Royal Mint and hence sovereigns might have the identifying marks S for Sydney, M for Melbourne and P for Perth.

Only gold coins minted in London have no mint mark.

This 1962 22ct gold full sovereign sold at £400.
This 1962 22ct gold full sovereign sold at £400.

“People collect specific mint marks, gold proof sets, date runs, sovereigns featuring birth years important to them – there are lots of different paths trodden by collectors,” added Mr Winterton.

“So if you’ve got a sovereign, don’t think it purely of bullion value and destined to be melted down – it needs to be checked.

“The same goes for all coins, as it’s always worth looking for rarities such as coins which have been mis-struck or have a low mintage.

“A great example is the 50 pence piece celebrating Kew Gardens’ 250th anniversary in 2009, of which 210,000 were minted.

“One of these featured in the collection we auctioned on February 5 and it sold for £110.

“Don’t leave things to chance – get in touch with us for a specialist valuation.”

This example of the Kew Gardens 50p sold at £110.
This example of the Kew Gardens 50p sold at £110.

Coins and banknotes specialist Phil Bridge will be offering free valuations and advice at The Lichfield Auction Centre, Wood End Lane, Fradley Park, WS13 8NF, on Thursday, February 15, and at The Tamworth Auction Rooms, 34-35 Church Street, B79 7BX, on Thursday, February 22.

To book an appointment, telephone 01543 251081 or email (Lichfield) or call 01827 217746 and email (Tamworth).

Free home visits for large collections and house clearance advice are also available.

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