Super Scandinavian enamel jewellery

VINTAGE jewellery valuer Louise Ludlam-Snook has catalogued a beautiful selection of designer Scandinavian enamel jewellery ahead of Richard Winterton’s Fine and Decorative Arts Sale on March 20-21.

“Mainly brooches, they come from a sizable private collection which has been lovingly composed and cared for,” she said.

“One of the things I love about Scandinavian enamel jewellery is the colours, they are bright and bold!

“The subject matter is often organic such as leaves and flowers and the technique used is guilloche enamel – this is enamel on top of an engine-turned pattern in the metal beneath.

“Scandinavian design is known to be simple but well-executed and the jewellery is no different, these pieces are bold but beautiful and stylish.”

The collection includes pieces by designers David Andersen, Ivar T Holth, Hroar Prydz, Anton Michelson, Askel Holmsen and Oystein Balle. Pictured above is a Norwegian enamel brooch by Ivar T Holth

You can watch a video of the full collection over on our Facebook page.

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