Militaria Badges Coming Up For Auction 30th April

Military Badge Collection, selling on 30th April, 2018 – By Nick Thompson – Medal & Militaria Consultant

Since the late 1700’s the Military forces of almost every Country in the World have had some form of Insignia for their forces Helmets, Caps and other headgear etc.

Some would say that the Armed forces of the United Kingdom, are right up there, near the top, when it comes to Metal Cap & helmet badges to signify one Regiment or Corps from another.

When it comes to collecting, the specialised fields that open up are almost endless, i.e. collecting by a certain Battle, Collecting by a local Regiment to a County, ‘Staffordshire’, collecting to a specific Division or formation, you really can make your own rules up as you go along. Almost every Military Fair I attend has a huge number of these Badges for sale, and the prices can range from a couple of pounds, right up to £50+ for a scarce Regiment or formation. So, no matter how deep your pockets, there is something out there for the collector to start his way up the fascinating Badge collecting ladder.

We at Richard Wintertons Auctions are extremely pleased to offer a large collection of British Military Cap Badges and Helmet plates in our next Military Sale on Monday 30th April, 2018. This collection of almost 800 specimens, has been catalogued into lots which represent the finest of our Important Military History.

The badges represented cover almost every Line Regiment and Corps from the late 1800”s through to the recent past. Some of the lots are specific, i.e. Badges to the Imperial Yeomanry, some are specific to the Corps, including some scarce units. Hundreds of Line Regiments feature also, including a Cap Badge from the 1800”s to the ‘Carlow Rifles’.

This sale will attract attention from the keen enthusiast, dealer, and beginner alike, and together with other items of Medals and Militaria will form a significant part of the sale.

Next Medals & Militaria Valuation Dates: with Nick Thompson

Tuesday 6th March 9.30am – 2.00pm

Tuesday 10th April 9.30am – 2.00pm 

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