For many years music of all types has been performed and recorded by many an artiste good and bad. Most of those recordings were pressed and sold in small numbers, but many sold in their millions. In those years technology has moved on and music has been pressed on many different formats from a wax cylinder through to today's none hard copies on downloaded MP3 where your mobile phone holds nearly as many songs as a warehouse full of vinyl LPs.

Most people can remember sitting by the radio listening to the Radio One chart run down on a Sunday evening hoping their favorite track hit the coveted number one spot. Most people can also remember the first record, whichever format of the time, that they brought and from which Record Shop. Fond memories. Most people having loving memories of the first time they heard a certain track, who they were with, where they were, who they were dancing with. I think we all have a story or two to tell about moments and memories involving music.

Such emotion and feeling has naturally caused nostalgic moments and the need to return, if only for three minutes, to those times and the need to own again that certain song and the need to feel the cover in your hand, read the sleeve notes, a booklet to leaf through, a disc to turn over something you don't get when you download it to your phone or player. Although most of the LPs, singles and 78's that are sold at auction are sold to serious collectors and retailers there are many instances of people, like you and me, wanting to buy back them memories in one small 12 inch disc in a cardboard cover. So why not have a look online or pop into to one of our sales and see if one of our lots hold one of those memories.

The sale of vinyl and acetate discs is a growing market. There are instances where misprinted records have sold for thousands of pounds for individual items so they don't have to be perfect to have value in fact oddities have more value than its perfect counterpart. When I was a lot younger I remember buying a certain single from a small record store and the disappointment on returning home to find both sides of this 7" single played the same song. As most of us would I returned the item back to the store, boy am I kicking myself now, that single in today's market is worth around about £5000 in mint condition, it isn't just high value individual records that are sold in Auction we sell a box or two or massive collections, the last large collection realised over £7000. None of these lots were individual items. They were assessed and grouped into types and artistes such as Rolling Stones, The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, heavy rock, folk, jazz etc. Some of these lots made over £300. So if your attic has a box or two or your spare room is bursting at the seams with vinyl let us have a look and see if we can turn it into a little bit or a lot of cash.


This same nostalgia has caused a growth in vintage Hi Fi equipment, you start buying records you obviously need a turntable to play it on. Our last Music Collectables sale had numerous items manufactured by Bang and Olufsen, Dansette, Hacker, Linn among other names from the 1960's, 70's and 80's along with gramophones by HMV, Columbia etc, from earlier times. Our Specialist Sales also carry great quality radiograms, gramophones, vintage turntables and Hi-fi’s as well as records and C.D’s for all tastes.


Free Valuation Every Tuesday 9.30am – 4.00pm with Stuart Hay at The Lichfield Auction Centre, Wood End Lane, Fradley Park, Lichfield, WS13 8NF

Forthcoming Sale Fine Art & Collectors Sale – Wednesday 16th August

Entries are now being invited – closing date for entries is Tuesday 18th July.


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