Huge collection of Steiff teddy bears comes to auction in Lichfield

AN IMPRESSIVE collection of Steiff teddies is coming to auction next week – and we can tell you, it's beary good!

The huge haul of furry friends are being marketed as a number of lots in Richard Winterton's Three Day Home & Interior Sale at The Lichfield Auction Centre.

The teddy bears will be in day two's auction on Wednesday, August 8, from 10am.

First up will be a boxed limited edition Steiff Millennium Dream Band, pictured above, which features five teddies onstage with instruments while the incorporated musical box plays When The Saints Go Marching In. You can watch them in action on our Facebook page.

Other special Steiff lots include a limited edition Sherlock Holmes bear clad in tweed and toting a magnifying glass, a limited edition Nutcracker bear in white mohair wearing a uniform with his own built-in screw-action nutcracker, and a limited edition Steiff Polar Ted (all pictured below).

In fact, there is bear upon bear upon bear for serious arctophiles and the more casual collector – you can check out the catalogue online here and also meet 40-plus teddies in just 30 seconds with this video on our Facebook page.

There's bound to be a bear you'll want to carry away – little Fynn pictured below even comes in his own suitcase!

Viewing for Richard Winterton's Three Day Home & Interior Sale on August 7-9 is on Saturday, August 4, from 9.30am-12pm, from 9am-6pm on Tuesday, August 7, and from 8.30am until the auction starts at 10am on Wednesday and Thursday.

Tuesday's auction starts at midday.

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