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WE spend decades filling our homes with furniture, mementos and collections.

But – as has been brutally demonstrated by coronavirus – life is full of uncertain twists and turns.

Perhaps you need to downsize for personal reasons or maybe a loved one has passed away.

Things happen – and that’s where our expertise is here to help.

Whatever the reason for the situation, having an entire property to sort through can seem daunting to say the least.

Add to that an upsetting emotional backdrop and it can so often become an overwhelming circumstance.

From the moment we receive that initial call or email, we never forget that this is someone else’s home and belongings.

Whether it’s a house, bungalow, flat, office, school or indeed any other building large or small, we offer a bespoke, sympathetic, clearance service.

With more than 150 years of family experience, the 2020 pandemic has seen us evolve to incorporate COVID-19 secure practises in everything we do.

Our stringently observed procedures include protective equipment, social distancing measures, deep cleaning and sanitiser to keep our staff and clients safe and our vehicles disinfected.

Whether you are an executor clearing a deceased estate, investigating downsizing options, administering probate, emigrating or just tired of clutter, we are happy to jump into action.

Our team works at a variety of houses and flats every week and we’ve recently handled the complete clearance and subsequent auctions for properties as diverse as a double glazing factory, a record shop and, of course, Abbots Bromley School.

Whatever the potential job, it’s always worth checking with us first – we’ll give you an honest opinion and quotation up front.

We offer complete and part house clearance services, starting with a free home visit to explain all costs.

All items pass through The Lichfield Auction Centre where our regular sales feature anything from household ornaments and cars to jewellery, fine art, coins, toys, medals and vintage whisky.

Anything which cannot be sold – for example items which do not meet current fire or electrical regulations – are properly disposed of and we will leave the property clean and ready either for new occupants or to go on the market.

So why choose the auction process? Well, here’s a great example. At a local property we were clearing, the ceramics and pots and pans were spread out and Richard spotted an unusual crocodilian in one corner…

Our research team jumped into action and confirmed this unusual ceramic was a very rare Royal Doulton ‘Boy On A Crocodile’. We sold it at auction for £7,000 to the absolute joy of our clients.

Unlike many auctioneers, we do not cherry pick or farm out items of lesser value to other firms, we handle the entire clearance.

And that’s crucial to what we do. We leave nothing to chance and if it’s there, we’ll find it.

‘It’ might not be – but it stops that question in the future: “Did we throw something away that could have been huge?”

But to us everything is important. Instead of throwing away items such as fridge freezers, we sell them at auction. Every single thing sold, be it for a tenner or tens of thousands, is of benefit to our clients.

Be it lead statues in the undergrowth of a garden or tools in the garage, sheds, cellars and attics are great hunting grounds for us!

We’re so proud to receive wonderful feedback from clients and we’d love to share this especially nice message following a local clearance.

Would you please pass on our thanks for the way in which the cottage was cleared of all its varied, and sometimes awkward, items.

“The team were obviously well-versed in tackling such situations and we were really impressed with the obvious care and attention which they gave to all they packed and moved.

“It was a pleasure to see such dedication, and the genuine respect for items collected over many years by the occupants.

“What could have been a stressful situation was greatly eased by the professional and caring team.”

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